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I am a storyteller.
People, their external forms and internal thoughts, have intrigued me since childhood. My work mines personal relationships probing generational connections.
I approach my art intuitively. My marks, prints, layers and threads reveal and obscure what I imagine to be the moods, emotions and interactions of the moment. Eras are interwoven.
My work incorporates family photos taken over many decades. Colors associated from the past juxtaposed with contemporary vibrant hues connect the image to the present. Mixed media provides me with tools to differentiate facets of our lives. Currently I am experimenting with layers of translucent sheets, l inking personalities and generations. This delivery enables me to present glimpses into personalities, exposing and hiding these narratives. I consider them snapshots of times past yet connections to the present.
This introspective approach to the complex nature of our personalities has become the underlying theme in my work.The figure is my universal language, with delivery as unique as my fingerprint. This theme is a catalyst inviting viewers to interact with their own stories.